Spirit of Fuerteventura ® - Hiking & Biking Guide.

Spirit of Fuerteventura ® - Hiking & Biking, a useful and multilingual guide for those who want to discover the island the sportive way. Bayuyo

Spirit of Fuerteventura is proud to present a new development in providing detailed information about how to enjoy this beautiful island in a sportive and responsible way: by walking and biking along interesting tracks.

The web-based platform is in 3 languages (English, Spanish, German) and covers the entire island. The information provided is: short description of the track, track info on a map, distance, elevation, pictures and a fly-over feature to get an impression about what to expect during your trip. The elementary track info can be downloaded. Link: www.spiritoffuerteventura.com/fuerteventura-hiking-senderismo-wandern.html


The magazine Spirit of Fuerteventura ® will cover some of the topics of this website in each issue.

We wish you a safe and nice journey!



BiDi-Fuerteventura ® : a comprehensive Island Guide in 6 languages.

BIN02-portada-web150BIS02-portada-web150Spirit of Fuerteventura is proud to present a new development in providing comprehensive island information to a broad public of visitors and residents: the BiDi – Fuerteventura ® folder.

The main specs of this printed guide are:

- 6 languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Swedish (winter) or Russian (summer)

- Implementation of QR codes to enable practically unlimited amounts of additional and up-to-date info on the web in an easy way

- Each advert is backed up by a dedicated web page of this business, and in min 3 languages

- Street maps
- Issue North (incl Castillo) and issue South
- Places of interest
- Time tables: buses, tides
- Useful tel. numbers
- Handy format, easily foldable to fit into your pocket

The BiDi-Fuerteventura guide is issued every 6 months: Feb-Jul and Aug-Jan.

We wish you happy reading and a nice holiday!



Welcome to Spirit of Fuerteventura - Edition 28.

welcome_sr28Dear reader – resident or tourist – I wish you a warm welcome on the first issue 2013 of Spirit of Fuerteventura ®! Yes, indeed, it has been a long time since we met last time, but you haven’t been out of my thoughts. And it seems that it is reciprocal, as many loyal readers kept asking me for the next issue of Spirit of Fuerteventura ®. Heart-warming and giving me that confident feeling that “I must be somehow on the right track”. Well, dear readers, I will do my best not to disappoint you and to make the coming issues of “Spirit” even better. And I thank you hereby, dear readers and customers, for your comments and support to make all this possible.

Announcement about BiDi Scan Software

bidihomewelcomeDear Reader, it has come to our attention that, although the QR Scanning Codes that we generate for our customers' advertisement are 100% operational, some types of scanning software can have difficulties in reading those codes. The reason - we found out - is that there are major differences in scanning software quality. We therefore suggest that you download your compatible scanning software from www.getscanlife.com, even if you already have a build-in software application on your mobile or tablet. Our experience with this provider is that their software runs very well on all types of systems. The Spirit Team.

Mini, Maxi, Sexy...BIDI!

TABLET_OKSpirit of Fuerteventura enters the BIDI Age.
BIDI is the name for our new marketing tool, based on the worldwide QR-code system. Besides many applications, this code can be scanned in by a compatible phone to link to our web-based promotion platform where you can receive clear and condensed information about cooperating businesses on Fuerteventura. It is available to i-Phone, Android and Smartphone users and to Tablets.

Fuerte - a better place?

IMG_8073(C) Michel RobeersFuerteventura was the last large island in the Canarian archipelago to be developed according to western standards. Since the 60's of the last century many major and minor improvements to the local infrastructure and services have been realised. It would be exhaustive to list them up, but some of the most important ones should be mentioned: potable water and energy in sufficient amounts, asphalted roads, health care and the tourist infrastructure. As Fuerteventura does not have natural resources, the only continuous source of income is tourism, although also here fluctuations in that the amount of visitors can vary significantly, as we have witnessed in the recent past.

Developments in our web-based communication platforms

Spirit of Fuerteventura is happy to announce some further developments in our web-based communication platforms:

- Spirit Stops ™: the info platform to know where-to-go on this island. Now even more info!

- Action-Blog ™: scheduled activities on the island now fully downloadable on any web-compatible phone!!! Don’t miss a thing; go to www.spiritoffuerteventura.com !!!

Get the latest info on what’s happening on your mobile: quick, clear and informative.

- Action-Blog ™: look at Picture & Video Reports about the most important events on the island at: www.spiritoffuerteventura.com / Action-Blog / Event Reports.

- Classifieds: NEW!!! Submit your “Sales & Searches” for many products and services at www.spiritoffuerteventura.com / Classifieds and get the best deal on vehicles, domestics, jobs, sports gear, services, etc… Don’t miss out!!!

- Real Estate Platform: a brand-new, comprehensive and web-based platform with the latest info on good offers on the island. Open to anybody who has a serious offer to make. Please go to www.spiritoffuerteventura.com / Property.

- Spirit Chat Box: we opened an on-site live chat box to allow our registered readers to participate in an intelligent conversation about any topic of life. If you have any ideas whilst you are strolling around in our web site, please feel free to pass them on to us.