Fuerteventura Centre - Beaches

Fuerteventura is famous for its beaches and as mentioned before in all there are approx 152. Apart from those that are directly accessible by foot from your hotel you will find that most are deserted from people and devoid of the usual rows of deckchairs and umbrellas. On these beaches you have the pleasure of choosing your own secluded spot and that it will remain yours for as long as you are there.

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Fuerteventura Centre - Nature

Chilling out on Fuerteventura’s beaches is a marvellous experience, but if you may feel the need to visit some nice spots in nature, then the suggestions below can help you in making a selection.

Road Antigua-Betancuria-Pájara – Mirador “Morro Velosa”: the road to Betancuria is a typical “serpentine” road through the mountains. Superb views over the North of the island. Stop at the parking lots and watch the squirrels come to you for food.

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Fuerteventura Centre - Culture

For those who want to learn more about the locals and their culture, we supply below a list of the most important sources of information, like museums and monuments:

Puerto del Rosario – Casa Unamuno: home of the famous and banned writer Unamuno, who fell in love with Fuerteventura.
Puerto del Rosario – Centre of Art “Ismael”: contemporary art museum.
Tefia – La Alcogida: museum about the ancient local agricultural life.
La Ampuyenta – Casa Dr. Mena: small but cosy museum about local objects.
Caleta de Fuste – Museo de la Sal: salt museum where you can learn how inventive the ancient locals were to harvest salt from the sea. This salt was then shipped to mainland Spain.
Antigua – Molino de la Antigua: restored windmill, a craft shop, gardens with indigenous plants and a permanent exhibition on archaeological findings.
Betancuria – Archaeology Museum: exhibition about the culture of the ancient locals and about the first expeditions to Fuerteventura. (Temporarily closed due to construction)

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Fuerteventura Centre - Towns and Villages of Interest

puertodelrosario (9)Puerto del Rosario – town.
Puerto del Rosario (PdR) is the capital of Fuerteventura since 1860. The town has a couple of interesting main streets that can be walked easily. In these streets you will find all kinds of shops, bars and restaurants. For those who do not want to stroll around in the sun and enjoy terraces, you can visit the huge air conditioned shopping centre “Las Rotondas”. PdR also has a very active night life and most night clubs are grouped in 2-3 clusters.

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