Construction & Decoration - Fuerteventura: Interiores y Proyectos - Costa Calma.

Interiores & Proyectos.

spirit-polster-webConstruction – Rebuilding – Renovation.
We manage your project from planning till end-of-work.
Our experience of 25 years allows us to know about potential building problems and find adequate solutions.

Modernization – Redesigning.
Please consult our interior designer, painter or upholsterer.
A good design doesn't have to be expensive – just ask us for a free quote.


Construction & Decoration - Fuerteventura: Interiores y Proyectos - Costa Calma.

Construction & Decoration: You can build on us!

spirit-polster-webINTERIORES Y PROYECTOS is your reliable constructor on Fuerteventura who will make your dream of a home on this island become true – even turn-key-ready, cleaned and furnished, if you want!

Or did you find your apartment and do you need it renovating , installing a new kitchen or adding some more space? Get detailed info from specialists, look into our catalogues, find the furniture you were looking for or get some inspiration from our interior decorator!


Interiores & Proyectos - Modern Home in Fuerteventura.

Mesa_terazaTrends do change with time. Some return, some disappear, but the ones that provide real added value will persist. A modern home is subject to constant change, a play with classic fundamental values that always will be, and highlights that always will change.

A refreshing summer climate at Home!

Home & Property - Fuerteventura: Make your home party-proof – Welcome to the Party Floor!

Partying in your home means a lot of fun, but it requires some preparation. How do you cope with the available space? How do you create the right atmosphere? Here are some ideas:
When you are planning a private party, it is advisable that you think about what you have to purchase and how you have to reorganise your rooms to comfort your guests.

Home & Property - Fuerteventura: Decoration - Wall Decoration

Entering your new home or wanting to change the looks of it without spending too much? Maybe a new wall decoration can do wonders. Here are some ideas:

Glicée print.

A glicée print is a printed copy of an original artwork that generally is signed, has the same looks as the original, but is a lot cheaper. The print quality is good, the colours are stable to light and the finishing is to standard.

Home & property - Fuerteventura: Decoration - Bedroom Secrets

Certainly, a bedroom’s first task is to provide a cosy atmosphere to enjoy a comfortable sleep. Correct lighting and sufficient storage capabilities are others...

Home & Property - Fuerteventura: Decoration - How to give your home personality

How to give your home personality, warmth and be functional in the same time…. Is not always an easy task ….but for a start, begin your journey with these inspiring ideas:

Artificial Grass - Fuerteventura: Garden Grass Canarias Projects.

Garden Grass Canarias – Garden Projects from Breaking ground till Party-ready.

_MG_9116Garden Grass Canarias is a well-established garden specialist in Corralejo. Their focus is to supply a trouble-free project management and execution for the Corralejo & Castillo area, whether it is a small job or a larger one.

Artificial Grass - Fuerteventura: Garden Grass Canarias.

Artificial Grass – benefits for you and for Fuerteventura.

_MG_9116When you drive along urban roads and see how much effort is being done to create green islands of natural grass and keep them in good shape, you may wonder why humans always want to fight the elements instead of keeping them as your friend. How much water, energy and manpower is being spent, just to keep this kind of nice environment? Is there not a valid alternative for this climate? Yes, there is, and not only for public areas.

Home & Property - Fuerteventura: Garden - Happy Plants Garden Centre - Tefia - Fuerteventura.


Happy Plants Garden Centre in Tefia, Fuerteventura has a lot of plants to offer, whether it is for your garden or for inside your home. They also supply you with a lot of advice when commissioning your new garden or plan an extention of your existing one.


Home & Property - Fuerteventura: GARDEN GRASS CANARIAS: Project 9-hole putting green.

ggc9hole2How to turn your wasteland into a pleasure zone...

A private person in Fuerteventura asked Garden Grass Canarias to turn 200sqm of his unused land into a putting green. As there was no construction involved, no planning permission was needed, nor an architect. In a time span of a couple of weeks, the land was flattened, prepared for the high-quality artificial grass and all components were put in place.

Home & Property - Fuerteventura: Garden - Living Outside | Spirit 19

Living outside has become a separate culture that thrives on its own. As a result to that, outdoor furniture has shown a revolution – in style, in materials, in colours and in applications. Today total furnishing for outdoor living has become the newest trend.

Home & Property - Fuerteventura: Garden - Saskia is making babies!!!

31_HAPY_PLANTSAlmost everyone who lives on the island knows about Happy Plants and their beautiful plants, trees and cacti that are being taken care of with love and dedication.
But… Happy Plants recently became a nursery to many plants as Saskia is growing her own generation now.

Home & Property - Fuerteventura: Garden - Happy Days with Healthy Plants

Most of us who have a garden have flowers, cacti, ornamental trees …and maybe even palms. But what about using your garden not only as a place to relax, but also as a fountain of health? Have you ever thought about growing your own vegetables? The climate is good enough to harvest even more than once a year. Imagine making crispy salads with plants grown on your own plot of land.

Home & Property - Fuerteventura: Garden - Garden Grass Canarias

FOTO_GARDEN_PAG_48Boretti semi-professional outdoor kitchens.

The time of fussing around on a charcoal-heated BBQ is over. Boretti, an Italian based company and represented here by GGC, offers a completely new style of home-cooking: semi-professional outdoor kitchens with an impressive Italian design. Their innovation is the Fry-Top facility that allows perfect and easy cooking without using pots & pans. The Fry-Top cooking plate is made out of 8mm solid steel and allows equal distribution of the heat and healthy cooking with only a couple drops of oil.

“Cradle-to-Cradle” cuisine: Sustainable C-2-C cooking.

How "waste" becomes something "fine".

From the "waste" that some hobby cooks and everyday cooks produce during the preparation of food, one could easily conjure up entire menus. Apparently, thriftiness has so far avoided the kitchen. Quite apart from the fact that wastefulness of food is simply out in times of "organic" and sustainability.

La Folie des Délices: Macaron de Gofio

folie-sr30-3Philippe Laurent, business owner at La Folie des Délices in Corralejo, presents his new creation: the Macaron Gofio, a meringue shell with Gofio and filled with Gofio and Truffe de Lait (Milk Truffle). Philippe builds on 3 generations of pastry making which has resulted in this new member of the Macaron Parisien, two shells that are combined with any kind of tasty filling. The key to a maximum culinary experience is quality of the products, know-how and freshness.

Home & Property - Fuerteventura: Recipes - Baked Baby Goat - Cabrito Asado.

Typical Recipe from Fuerteventura: Baked Baby Goat (Cabrito Asado).

A tasteful dish, easy to prepare and a culinary souvenir about Fuerteventura.

cabritoasadoweb2Ingredients (4p)

- 4 table spoons olive oil
- 3 garlic cloves
- 6 threads of Safron
- 2,5 kg of baby goat
- 2 onions
- 2 lemons
- 90 grams of butter
- 4 potatoes
- A snif of salt
- 0,2L of white wine




Remove excess fat and organs from the baby goat. Mash the garlic and mix it with salt, white wine, saffron and lemon juice in a bowl. Apply this mixture into the baby goat and allow to marinate for a full day. Afterwards, remove the marinade (but keep it) and cook the meat in a tub with onions, olive oil and butter until golden brown. Then place the meat in an oven tub, add the marinade and the coarsely sliced potatoes.
Leave in the oven for an hour at 180ºC.

Home & Property - Fuerteventura: Recipes - Marinated Baby Goat - Cabrito en Adobo.

Typical Recipe from Fuerteventura: Marinated Baby Goat (Cabrito en Adobo).

Cabrito en adobo, a dish with medium difficulty that will be ready in 1,5 hours and that will be truly enjoyed by your guests.

cabritoadoboweb2Ingredients (4p):

• 1 kilo of Baby goat
• White wine, 4 cups
• Coarse salt, 1 tablespoon
• Garlic, 4 cloves
• Oregano, to taste
• Cumin, to taste
• Chili Pepper, to taste
• Bread crumbs, 3 tablespoons
• Vinegar, 1 tablespoon
• Bay leaf, 2 pieces
• Thyme, to taste
• Sweet paprika, 1 tablespoon
• Olive oil, 6 tablespoons
• Onion, 2 units



To prepare the marinade, mash the garlic, coarse salt, a little oregano, cumin, chili, breadcrumbs soaked in vinegar and a piece of previously fried goat liver in a mortar.
After having washed the meat, cut it and dry it with paper towels. Smear the pieces of meat with the marinade and place it in a deep kettle, then add the bay leaf and thyme and pour the wine. Leave in the fridge for 24 hours to allow the flavors to mix and to impregnate the meat. Then, take out the meat and keep the broth. Fry the meat and keep it in a saucepan.
Fry the onions in the same oil till golden brown, add the broth and boil up. The only thing left is to add this broth to the meat, head for the table and enjoy this tasty dish.
Posted by Ewina Sama

Recipes - Fuerteventura: Mixed Butters.

Fuerteventura Recipes: Mixed Butters.

photo-webFor all recipes: take the butter out of the fridge at least 1 hour before start.

Tomato Butter

250g Butter
15g Dried tomatoes
3 Cloves of garlic, peeled
3 Black olives, without stone
1 Teaspoonful Tomato paste

Tomatoes, garlic and olives have to be chopped, very fine. Put all into a bowl and mix together with tomato paste and butter. Add salt to your taste. Very tasty on any type of bread with Jamón Serrano.

Thai Sauce with 3 flavours. (4p)


- 200g Palm sugar or brown sugar,

- 30g fresh coriander,

- 1 piece of cinnamon

- 100g ginger,

- 3 garlic cloves,

- 1 medium-hot chilli,

- 4 table spoons Thai Fish sauce

- 1 sliced orange,

- 1/2 litre orange juice



Put the sugar in a medium-sized saucepan and let it caramelise above a medium heat. Add the orange juice and warm up. Add the other ingredients and reduce the heat till the liquid has a good consistency for a sauce. Season the liquid with extra Thai Fish sauce to your own taste.

This sauce can be added to dishes with fish, pork or chicken. Use Basmati rice as a side dish. Enjoy your food!


Note: Anibal has a cosy restaurant with the same name in Corralejo, close to the Hiperdino supermarket, where he serves a collection of freshly-made tapas at bargain prices: 10€ pp for all-you-can-eat. Opposite the surf shop PARADISE.


Home & Property - Fuerteventura: Recipe - Salmon Galileo

Infusion_035Salmone Galileo


Ricotta cheese 250g

Sliced Smoked Salmon 200g

1 tomato deseeded and diced

½ small red onion diced

Fresh juice ½ Lemon

Salt and ground black pepper

Fresh chives for garnish

Festive Menu Recipe (4p)

Avocado-GambasFor the upcoming festive period we decided to try out a full menu that is very tasteful but not too demanding, neither on the person behind the pans nor on your bank account.

Home & Property - Fuerteventura: Recipe - Cabbage Wraps with meat and potato medallions "Arco Iris" (6p)

Kohlrolladen-007cutIngredients - Wraps:

12 large White Cabbage leaves
500g minced meat2 eggs
20g breadcrumbs
1 bunch parsley
1 large tomato
200g Goat cheese (Tierno)
25g Goat cheese (Curado)
2 Tablespoons Olive oil
1 Teaspoon Mustard
1/8L Vegetable broth
1/8L Milk

(alternatively make up Bechamel sauce to a pouring consistency)

Home & Property - Fuerteventura: Recipe - Potato Medallions (4 people)

potatomedallionA very simple way of using up leftovers or serving tasty potato mixes, combined with an egg.




Home & Property - Fuerteventura: Recipe - Sauce “Irene”

DSCF1134This sauce is an easy-to-make one that fits very well to different kinds of dishes: just with pasta, with white fish or poultry, or as basis for vegetarian food. It also may be used as sauce for the more festive “Lobster dishes”.

Home & Property - Fuerteventura: Recipe - Smoothy “Tender”, a healthy and refreshing mix of fruits and vegetables


1 carrot

3 small apricots without the stone

½ tomato

1 chunk of celery (100g)

½ banana

300g watermelon without seeds

Mix for 1 min. and then add 1 spoon of olive oil and 100ml milk. Mix for 15 sec. Ready.

Home & Property - Fuerteventura: Recipe - Boretti ¨da vinci¨

Grill recipe, especially created for “Spirit of Fuerteventura” !
Brochette with garlic butter ( 4 people)


Home sweet home - even on Fuerteventura. Find here some low-cost ideas to "face-lift" your casa or suggestions to really upturn the interior of your actual living space and make it a new home.

Spirit of Fuerteventura offers you relatively simple but original ideas to embellish your garden and improve the comfort of staying outside. Afterall, we do live on a sunny island and staying outside is an intrinsic part of the "Fuerteventura way of Life".

Spirit of Fuerteventura offers quite simple recipes, but that will give a lot of satisfaction without too much of a hassle in the kitchen. Most products that are suggested are of local produce or come from mainland Spain.

Spirit wishes you success and a lot of fun - behind the pots and pans and at the table.