Boat Trips

Guided Boat trips in Fuerteventura are a pleasant excursion experience for the entire family. You will go out to visit an island, a remote beach, a nearby fishermen's harbour or you can jump into the water and do some snorkelling. Some offer a jetski ride or a banana trip. Please find below a representative selection of these companies.

Guided Tours Fuerteventura: Kayak Tours

Paddling in Fuerteventura: Healthy, Ecological, Funny & For ALL
Fuerteventura is a paradise for water sports, the possibilities are many and the sea is perfect for
enjoying your favourite sports.
The North Shore of Fuerteventura is a wonderful playground for beginners and experts with Kayak and
Canoe. Beginners can paddle safely inside the Bay of Corralejo where there is a good protection against the
wind and the waves.
With some more experience or even better with a canoe instructor you can paddle outside of the Bay and
discover one of the most authentic places in Canary Islands: Lobos island. Some useful suggestions for paddling safely:
If you’re planning to go to Lobos, take care of the weather (wind and waves), current and tide
especially inside "El Río" (channel between Lobos island and Corralejo). Do not paddle alone, look at
the forecast and tide before and look at the real weather outside. Tell someone the time you will be back, take a mobile phone with a waterproof bag. Use a life jacket
and clothes adapted to the weather. Take care not to get cold, it is better too warm than too cold. Hypothermia is one of the main risks on the Ocean.
Paddling is really easy, you just need to know how to swim. The amazing wild nature of Fuerteventura.
From your kayak you can discover the Nature, Sea Turtles, Flying fishes, Local Birds or Baby
Sharks.... An opportunity to discover Fuerteventura from a new angle. Looking at Fuerteventura from
the water is precious, some distance to realize the beauty of our wild island.
When you paddle, you can also reach some isolated reefs for snorkelling, fishing, taking pictures or
Paddling is a wonderful alternative or complement to Surf, Kite, Wind Surf, Sailing, Diving...
The North Shore of Fuerteventura has 2 private centers where you can learn and enjoy paddling safely
with Sea kayak, Surfski or Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe, with some individual boats or team boat: from
2 paddlers up to 5 paddlers on the same boat (so easy, you share the effort you reduce the fear of the

Excursions: SUBCAT Submarine - Morro Jable - Fuerteventura


SUBCAT is a real submarine. It is the only ship worldwide that combines surface and submerged travelling. Enjoy local activities and leisure and discover with us the fantastic underwater world of Fuerteventura.

For bookings / Para reservar / Buchungen: 900 507 006

Sub Cat Centre - Avda Saladar - C.C. Palm Garden - Local 36 - 35625 Morro Jable - Jandia - Fuerteventura.

You can see:

- sea turtles,

- dusky sea perches,

- barracudas,

- stingray’s,

- angel sharks,

- trumpet fish,

- etc

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