Artificial Grass - Fuerteventura: Garden Grass Canarias.

Artificial Grass – benefits for you and for Fuerteventura.

_MG_9116When you drive along urban roads and see how much effort is being done to create green islands of natural grass and keep them in good shape, you may wonder why humans always want to fight the elements instead of keeping them as your friend. How much water, energy and manpower is being spent, just to keep this kind of nice environment? Is there not a valid alternative for this climate? Yes, there is, and not only for public areas.

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Home & Property - Fuerteventura: GARDEN GRASS CANARIAS: Project 9-hole putting green.

ggc9hole2How to turn your wasteland into a pleasure zone...

A private person in Fuerteventura asked Garden Grass Canarias to turn 200sqm of his unused land into a putting green. As there was no construction involved, no planning permission was needed, nor an architect. In a time span of a couple of weeks, the land was flattened, prepared for the high-quality artificial grass and all components were put in place.

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Home & Property - Fuerteventura: Garden - Happy Days with Healthy Plants

Most of us who have a garden have flowers, cacti, ornamental trees …and maybe even palms. But what about using your garden not only as a place to relax, but also as a fountain of health? Have you ever thought about growing your own vegetables? The climate is good enough to harvest even more than once a year. Imagine making crispy salads with plants grown on your own plot of land.

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Home & Property - Fuerteventura: Garden - Garden Grass Canarias

FOTO_GARDEN_PAG_48Boretti semi-professional outdoor kitchens.

The time of fussing around on a charcoal-heated BBQ is over. Boretti, an Italian based company and represented here by GGC, offers a completely new style of home-cooking: semi-professional outdoor kitchens with an impressive Italian design. Their innovation is the Fry-Top facility that allows perfect and easy cooking without using pots & pans. The Fry-Top cooking plate is made out of 8mm solid steel and allows equal distribution of the heat and healthy cooking with only a couple drops of oil.

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