HIKING: Fuerteventura Tours - Fuerteventura.

fuerteventuratours_003logowebFuerteventura Tours offers Aloe Vera tours, walking to Cofete and individual hiking tours. Groups are between 6 and 8 people. Included in the package are shuttle to and from hotel and insurance. Reservation only dy direct booking or through hotel reception.

HIKING: Hikin' n bikin' - Fuerteventura

hikingnbiking_001logowebHikin' n bikin' organise guided walk tours in small groups of 6-10 people around Fuerteventura. Valleys, coves, volcanoes, beaches and splendid views are the ingredients of a wonderful day.

HIKING: Time for Nature - Fuerteventura.

timefornature_002logowebTime-for-Nature is located in the South of Fuerteventura but offers hiking tours all over the island. Everyday there is another tour organised. They have a Get-Back-Money policy if you didn't like the tour.

HIKING: Fuertescout - Fuerteventura.

fuertescout_001logowebFuertescout offers hiking and excursions to many places in Fuerteventura. Discover the real Fuerteventura.

HIKING: Caminata with Hannelore Von der Twer - Fuerteventura.

image001webCaminata is the hiking company of registered hiking guide Hannelore and offers more than 25 different hiking routes on Fuerteventura. She is based in the North of the island but guides groups all over Fuerteventura. Explanation about the history, nature and geography of the island is given in different languages.