Fuerteventura Restaurants.

Fuerteventura "Preferred Restaurants" and "Tapas" Guide.
You will find in this Fuerteventura "Preferred Restaurants" and "Tapas" Guide all about the special and most typical restaurants on Fuerteventura and some suggestions on what kind of tapas to order. We suggest to you those restaurants on Fuerteventura that might exceed your expectations, because of their typical preparations, their concept, the location and the atmosphere they create. The ones that are not listed here offer good food as well. We wish you "Buen provecho."

Fuerteventura - Preferred Restaurants Guide

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Baobab: vegan - in the old town and in a quiet and sunny area
Past & Future: vegan - spacious restaurant with sunny terrace, at the edge of the old town
Sanus: vegetarian/vegan
Casa Domingo: tapas - in the old town on the plaza, with a cosy terrace
Pincha Cabra: tapas - typical atmosphere
Land of Freedom: different concept of tapas - quiet terrace
Gilda: tapas and pinchos
La Bodega: tapas
La Taberna: spanish and international. Speciality of Paella.
Da Uli: pasta and italian delicatessen. Also take away.
La Scarpetta da Mario: fine italian and international. Spacious but still cosy.
Tantaluna: italian-based fusion - dishes prepared by an artist and his team.
El Sombrero: international, specialised on meat
La Marquesina: spanish, specialised on fresh fish
Tio Bernabé: spanish, specialised on meat

La Cancela: spanish and pizzeria - a very popular place for locals, be there before "rush-hour".
Chez Leon: bistro and delicatessen

El Cotillo
La Vaca Azul: spanish with french touch, specialised in fresh fish - superb views over the Atlantic...and sunset.
La Marisma: spanish, fresh fish
La Capitana: spanish and international
Ferret's Dinner: bistro, Swiss specialities - chill music of all kinds...you don't want to leave...
Coyote Bar: bistro, ham- & meatburgers - great interior and a terrace overlooking the old harbour.

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Costa Calma
L'Italiano: international & pizzeria - fresh dishes prepared by mamma Lucia.
L'aperipizza: pizzeria - a small but very "simpatico" place to enjoy succulent pizzas on a quiet terrace.
Mamma Mia: international & pizzeria - typical Spanish/Italian atmosphere with a sunny terrace.
La Tarraza del Gato: speciality in fresh fish - open-air restaurant with a large terrace.
San Borondón: spanish and international
Villa Mare: international
Faufal: spanish - a discovery goal for those who want to taste original local food.
Stil: german and international
B-Side: italian and international

Jandía / Morro Jable
Stetson: steakhouse
Don Pedro: spanish and international
Playa Vista: spanish and german
El Coronado: international
La Bodega de Jandía: tapas - Ramón will pamper you all the way with his original tapas.
Mattarello: italian and international - high-quality dishes, made with passion and a terrace with sea view.
La Farola del Mar: tapas, international, fresh fish - a hidden gem for those who want to be spoilt.
Las Tapas de Miguel: tapas and international - fine tapas in a quiet pedestrian street.

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La Falua - in La Lajita: tapas and international. Open-air restaurant with terrace. Please try their starters, they are exquisite!

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The restaurants in our "Preferred Restaurants on Fuerteventura" Guide have been classified by own experience, customer feedback and public evaluation systems. We have classified these restaurants in our Restaurant Guide according to what we feel is appropriate regarding originality, quality of the food and drinks, the atmosphere in the restaurant, the location and the overall service. The restaurants in Fuerteventura are of a high standard and practically all those involved in the restaurant business on Fuerteventura do want happy customers. A visit to a restaurant in Fuerteventura should be a nice experience, regardless the classification of the restaurant or the type of food. All information about the restaurants in our "Preferred Restaurants on Fuerteventura" Guide that is communicated here on out website has been collected and edited to our best knowledge. However, we do not accept any responsibility for any damage - direct or indirect - caused by the information displayed on our website.


Fuerteventura - Tapas Guide
We focus here on some typical dishes and products that we think are worthwhile trying during your holiday on Fuerteventura. You will find these dishes in many typical Spanish restaurants and in Tapas bars.

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- Tomatoes from Fuerteventura are considered to be among the most flavoursome in Europe and are used in many renowned res­taurants on the continent.
- Queso Majorero: soft goat cheese. This Fuerteventura cheese is completely different from what you are used at home. This is an absolute must to try. There are 3 major classifications: “Tierno” (soft), “Semi-curado” (medium-aged) and “Curado” (aged). There are also variations with peppers, Gofio, oil, etc. Please try first the fresh one (Queso fresco).
- Aloe Vera from Fuerteventura is one of the best of its kind. Fuerteventura offers the best conditions for the cultivation of Aloe Vera. Look for local products with a high concen­tration and vending places that offer you information about the plants. Don’t go for the cheap stuff.
- Local fish from Fuerteventura is a great opportunity to enjoy absolutely fresh and tasty fish. The ultimate dish is a “Pescado a la Sal” for min 2 people.
- Papas arrugadas are wrinkled potatoes to accompany fish or meat dishes. You eat them with the skin.
- Salsa Mojo is a mixture of olive oil, parsley, dried peppers and a lot of garlic. If it is too strong for you, then scoop of the oil and spread the oil onto your bread.
- Tapas and Pinchos are small dishes or snacks to share or to eat alone. In this way you can have the pleasure of tasting several preparations without stressing your wallet. Just go the counter and let your eyes decide. Here are some tapas that we suggest to try:

Pulpo a la Gallega: steamed octopus with some pepper, salt and oil. Sometimes with slices of potato.
Mejillones en salsa or en vinagreta: steamed mussels in a tomato or in a vinegar sauce
Chipirones or Puntillas: fried baby squids in breadcrumb
Conejo al salmorejo: rabbit cooked in a mixture of mediterranean spices
Tortilla Española: spanish omelette with potato, onion, spices. Sometimes you have additional fillings.
Paella de Marisco: rice dish with seafood, vegetables and spices
Paella Valenciana: rice dish with rabbit and vegetables
Gazpacho Andaluz: cold tomato soup, flavoured with spices and olive oil
Gambas al Ajillo: Shrimps cooked in olive oil with some garlic and spices
Croquetas de Jamón: fresh ham croquettes (should be home-made)
Croquetas de Pescado: fresh fish croquettes (should be home-made)
Ensalada Rusa: vegetables, egg, mayonnaise and olive oil
Chorizo a la Sidra: spicy sausage cooked in cider. To dip your bread in
Sardinas fritas: fried sardines
Sardinas a la Plancha: grilled sardines

Jamón Ibérico: air dried Spanish ham
Boquerones a la Vinagra: anchovies in soft vinegar
Calamares a la Romana: deep-fried squid
Empanadías: cakes stuffed with ham, fish, etc
Pan con tomate: toasted bread with tomato spread
Pimientos de Piquillo rellenados: filled cooked peppers
Aceitunas: marinated Olives