Spirit of Fuerteventura - Magazine

Michel Robeers

Editor and Publisher

Welcome to Edition 34!

Dear Reader, it is with proud and gratefulness that I present to you this issue Nr. 34, our 10-year anniversary issue!
Since April 2007 till now, the magazine “Spirit of Fuerteventura™” has faced many changes and challenges, and has become to what it is today with the help and feedback of customers and readers. I sincerely thank you all for this support.
As you will notice in this issue, we included even more articles to make the magazine even more interesting. This issue is set up to be a reference to some interesting spots on and topics about Fuerteventura, within some obvious practical limitations. The magazine will run for an entire year, till end of June 2018. Detailed touristic and practical information about Fuerteventura will continue to be published in our magazine “Info-Fuerteventura™”, edition “North” and “South”, that is printed every 6 months. The same and real-time info on Fuerteventura is provided in our latest development: the free application in 8 languages “TOP 10 Fuerteventura™”.
I hope that you will welcome our initiative and enjoy this anniversary issue.

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