Welcome to Spirit Stops (TM)

pag_13logo_spiritSPIRIT_STOPS_stickerSpirit Stops™ is an initiative from “Spirit of Fuerteventura”, the quarterly magazine about the beautiful island Fuerteventura, and has the objective to inform the visitor about the most interesting places to visit. These places can be nice spots along the road or in the wild and untouched nature, but they also can be accommodation, places to eat out, bars and shops that have something special to offer. Places that might stay in your memory for some reason, whether it is due to exclusivity, originality, service, typical flavour or unsophisticated but good value-for-money. Spirit Stops™ is NOT a quality label, but merely a travel & trip advisor on where to go in order to facilitate your search for “that particular spot” on Fuerteventura.
We hope that we succeed in our goal and wish you a happy holiday and a lot of fun.

Spirit Stops™.
Many visitors and residents from both ends of Fuerteventura love to explore this beautiful island and sometimes have difficulty to fully enjoy the local offerings at the other end as they return to base the same day. Searching for appropriate accommodation to stay overnight is bothersome. Also finding the “hot spots” and “insider tips” in catering and pleasure can be time-consuming.
Spirit Stops provides information about good value-for-money accommodation, catering and events to people who want to get the maximum out of their journey without stressing their wallet. To benefit from special conditions you just mention “Spirit” or “Spirit Stops™” when you make your reservation.
Spirit Stops also is a web-based platform where you can upload your most beautiful and representative pictures of your holiday on the island. Once in a month/quarter the best ones will be selected and they will be published on the www.spiritoffuerteventura.com web site. Join us in making Fuerteventura even more exciting!