Claudine Macquart

051-cutName: Claudine Macquart
Nationality: French
Date of Birth: 09/10/1948
Place of Birth: Niort (W-France)
Education: medical
Time on Fuerteventura: since 2005

Claudine-00Claudine moved to Fuerteventura 2005. Here she helped a German who made wind roses from plastic bottles. This brought her to the idea to make flower-shaped mobiles from recycled plastic bottles. She developed her skills and widened her portfolio by visiting specialised trade shows in France. The message that Claudine wants to pass on is two-fold: "playing with the wind using colourful recycled materials" and "it doesn't take much to embellish your neighbourhood".
She regularly visits Lanzarote to give workshops at schools and decorated the entrance of the Cabildo. It takes a lot of effort to come to a mobile flower: searching for bottles, washing them and stripping the label, cutting into the right shape and assembling, and finally installing them. For instance it took 500 bottles to make the mobile park on the roundabout on the circumvallation of Corralejo! She also participates in the annual International Kite Festival. Claudine displays her work every Sunday at the market in El Campanario. A new and popular initiative are private workshops during birthday parties for kids (min. age is 8). She also started to make mobiles to protect fruits from birds and to keep pigeons away from balconies. Claudine has regular contacts with the local authorities (Ayuntamiento and Cabildo) to co-ordinate her activities. Actually she has projects to decorate the pedestrian streets in Corralejo and more initiatives will certainly follow.
Tel.: 691 848 679
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.