Extreme Animals.

EXTREME ANIMALS - Our Story: How everything started.

EA1web1998 – on Fuerteventura, at the edge of Corralejo, in a screen print factory, starts the big premiere of „EXTREME ANIMALS". For the first time Helga Palmers and Helmut Brittig create what is still today „Extreme": Extreme honest handcraft, extreme good quality and extremely fine products from the „Fuerteventura Factory", inspired by the idea to create a very extraordinary look: the Goat Skeleton.


The T-shirts with the Fuerte-Goat on it became more and more a popular souvenir for those who were looking for something original. The success of the T-shirts generated a demand for more products with the Goat Skeleton logo: stickers, purses, towels, cups and soft & warm EA2webclothing for babies and toddlers. The company self-designed motives represent typical Fuerteventura fun, sport and entertainment activities: Surfing, Beach Volleyball, Biking, Climbing, Golf and a lot more. You never stop discovering new designs. And friend & licence partner "IGUANA LIFEWEAR™", is always helping out to export the Goat Skeleton logo beyond the boundaries of Fuerteventura, making it a global cult object.


The entire portfolio of Extreme Animals are sold on Fuerteventura in two wholly-owned shops and in three co-operating stores.
EA3webThe founders Helga und Helmut are still involved and keep on nursing the coolest Goat on this planet.