Nuria del Pino

nuria-fotoName: Nuria del Pino

Nationality: Spanish

Date of Birth: 8 October

Place of Birth: Madrid

Education: arts

Time on Fuerteventura: since 1975

Nuria Del Pino came to the Canary Islands at the age of six but spent her time in various cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, London and Boston where she completed her studies. From there she developed her love for art in all its forms. She studied cinematography, design, sculpture and photography…although it’s in her painting that she finds her best outlet of expression.

11fondo.wix_mpShe uses materials like oil, aquarelle and Chinese ink on canvas, paper or hardboard. "I use different techniques and materials like for instance I prefer to use acrylic on canvas for quick and intuitive and oil-based paint for more detailed work. On paper I like to use Chinese ink because of its strength, even when applying only one stroke. More recently I use copper and steel wire, combined with wood to express emotions through pure and simple lines. And I am at the point of making a couple of bronze statues."



"Fuerteventura with its landscapes, colours, contrasts and tranquillity is a source of inspiration for my work. With its immense seas and skies, its limitless space, its endless horizons and its tranquillity... while also referring to that other ‘landscape’, the landscape of the soul that we all bear within us, that we all want to reach… where we find peace. My painting, like all creative work, is connected to the spiritual, to that part of me that is connected to everything and to which we gain access when we leave the rationale to aside and allow ourselves to be guided by our intuition.”

7aNuria currently lives in Fuerteventura and regularly presents her work in local exhibitions.

Tel.: 687 090 097.