Family Name: Carracedo

Nationalidad: Spanish

Place of birth: Castilla y León, north of Spain

Education: Artes plasticas in Bilbao and Santander

Time on Fuerteventura: since 2000




Her artistic career started at the age of 13 in the local school of arts in Bilbao and Santander. During her studies of different painting techniques like aquarelle, pastel, oil, wax, collage, etc she created an affinity for oil based painting, although she can work other materials.

74_PEOPLEABAJOHer actual portfolio consists of oil paintings on canvas and is based on colour and aroma therapy with additions of natural pigments of Moroccan origin. Beside the importance of colours and forms, Maria adds another dimension to her paintings with a sensation that is generated by the essence oils she is mixing in her paint. These oils of vegetal origin emit flavours into the environment that improve health and strengthen body, mind and spirit.

The objective is a permanent search for balance and simplicity of forms, the static background, and the sensation of movement in the foreground, whilst creating a natural touch with branches, flowers, etc. In general, the goal is to stimulate the senses through images of Japanese style and the Zen philosophy.74_PEOPLEDERECHA74_PEOPLEFLOR75_PEOPLEABAJO_IZQ75_PEOPLE_ARRIBA_IZQ