Nathalie Nagy - Finca Lobo.

DSCF6718Finca Lobo is a place “in the middle of nowhere” but is an oasis of peace and tranquillity. Here, Nathalie Nagy, a certified assistant veterinarian keeps 20-30 dogs to allow them to recuperate from any trauma, physical or mental whilst they are waiting for a new owner, mainly from Germany or Fuerteventura.

The activity, which started in 2008, is part of a certified non-profit organisation (Hilfe für FuerteHunde e.V.) is co-operating with locals and does not limit itself to the German public. Dutch, Belgian, French and English nationalities are regular visitors here. The financing is through gifts, money or food, and income from dog transfers. Nathalie is also active in a veterinarian clinic in Puerto del Rosario (Clinica Veterinaria Bichos).DSCF6721DSCF6715