Hannes HEID.

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Name: Hannes

Family Name: Heid

Nationality: German

Date of Birth: 25 Jan 1936

Place of Birth: Düren

Education: Academy of Arts in Aachen and Munich

Time on Fuerteventura: 15 years





Hannes lived in Germany for 55 years, but his job took him to many distant and exclusive destinations. He had the opportunity to get in touch with famous people in art and fashion like Walter Barais, Hitzler, Baselitz, etc. He learned a lot from them and in his present work he is using the information he gathered then. He regularly visited the museums in Siena, Florence, Milan, Assisi and Naples. Hannes discovered Fuerteventura in 1993. He immediately fell in love with this precious island and lives permanently here since that time.

Hannes describes his creations as “Construction Art & Design”. He has dedicated himself to the construction of artistic open fireplaces, furniture and bas-reliefs.

His bas-reliefs are made out of a substrate of wood upon which he adds natural materials to create themes with domestic and rural accents. He uses mainly pastel colours to represent the colours of the island.