People & History - Fuerteventura: Who's Who - Nadim CALVIN


Name: Nadim
Family name: CALVIN
Nationality: Spanish
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth: Granada, Spain
Education: University of Art, Cuyo, Mendoza
Time on Fuerteventura: 8 years (now back to Argentina)


Lived in Argentina since childhood

Exhibitions in hotel (5*) Llao-Llao, Bariloche, Argentina and in the hotel (5*) Argentino in Piriapolis, Uruguay

Won more than 15 prizes in paint competitions

Has an art studio in Avda Leon y Castillo, 136, Puerto del Rosario where he gives lessons

Created scenes for several theatres and local fiestas

His work can be found all over the globe and is part of private collection in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, USA, Japan and Spain

Nadim is using spiritualism and non-conformism in his search for unknown worlds that he then reproduces onto his canvas with techniques like oil and spatula.