20 Dec. 1978 ... Tourist Boat Poseidon sinks close to Fuerteventura

20 Dec 1978. Tourist Boat sinks close to Fuerteventura.

30years_agoThe tourist boat “Poseidon” sunk on its way back to Lanzarote, overwhelmed by high waves due to stormy conditions. The boat carried 30 passengers and 2 crew members; only 21 survived.

The tourists were returning from a one-day visit on Fuerteventura. Weather conditions were bad and wind gusts of 7 Beaufort were hitting the sea. Upon their way back the rudder broke due to an overload of high waves and shortly after that a stern wave capsized the 15ton vessel (see picture). As the security measures failed, all passengers had to swim for about 3 km to the shore. Many of the survivors suffered injuries.