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Certainly, a bedroom’s first task is to provide a cosy atmosphere to enjoy a comfortable sleep. Correct lighting and sufficient storage capabilities are others...

The bed.
The bed is the focus of the bedroom. The style of the bed will be determined by the surrounding construction, whether it is romantic, modern or classic. Materials that are being used currently are wood, metal, MDF, bamboo or leather and are a personal choice.

The mattress.
The ideal mattress doesn’t exist. Some like them to be hard, others prefer it to be soft. A too hard mattress will give your body a constant desire to turn around while you sleep and will reduce the quality of your most important sleeping periods: the deep sleep and the dream phase. On the other side your body will sink too far in a too soft mattress and your muscles will not relax. If your partner has a different preference in this matter, then a split mattress will be the solution. It is good practice to change your mattress every 10 years.

The mattress support.
A good support will enhance the performance of your mattress, whilst a wrong one will almost completely annihilate it. Nowadays, most supports are wooden ………… or boxsprings. A boxspring is about 18cm thick, has springs over the entire surface and improves the ventilation of the mattress.

Wardrobes & Storage space.
Wardrobes are the second important element in the bedroom. If one finds a row of wooden doors too much to look at, one can put doors of mat glass. It breaks the monotony of the wood and increases the perceived size of the room because it reflects the ambient light.
And why not create a dressing room from one of the guest rooms?
A simple and cheap way to benefit from available space is using trolleys under the bed. Ideally for things that you use rarely. Just make sure that they can be closed firmly as a lot f dust can collect under the bed.
And some may be tempted to put their bed onto a platform of about 60cm high and used the underlying space for storage… Putting a wooden chest at the end of the bed is another simple way to increase storage space.

The Light.
As in all important rooms of your house, the bedroom has to be provided with 3 types of light: general light with spots and wall lighting, focussed light of 60 to 75W with mobile spots and reading spots, and atmosphere light of 25 to 40W with indirect spots, a floor light or a desktop light with a nice pattern.

The Floor.
If you don’t like to get out of your bed and step onto a cold floor, then a woollen carpet will welcome you with its warm and soft feeling. If you prefer the entire room to be gentle to your feet, then wood, laminate and cork are suitable materials.

The Windows.
The style of the window decoration has to fit with the rest of the room. Light, transparent textile are fine for modern bedrooms and heavy, coloured curtains will do fine in more traditional bedrooms.
Shutters are very suitable in the Fuerteventura climate. They regulate the incoming light according to your wish and thus also the temperature of your room.