Artificial Grass - Fuerteventura: Garden Grass Canarias.

Artificial Grass – benefits for you and for Fuerteventura.

_MG_9116When you drive along urban roads and see how much effort is being done to create green islands of natural grass and keep them in good shape, you may wonder why humans always want to fight the elements instead of keeping them as your friend. How much water, energy and manpower is being spent, just to keep this kind of nice environment? Is there not a valid alternative for this climate? Yes, there is, and not only for public areas.

Artificial grass really is a valid alternative and not only to natural grass, but also to picon – the local volcanic ash – which tends to collect a lot of dust. Artificial grass can be installed on any type of ground and with a minimum of preparation, compared to other types of “pavement”. It requires very little maintenance, no water nor fertilisers or weed killers and thus is very ecologic. It has good draining characteristics, especially with heavy rains that can occur here. Artificial grass has good anti-slipping features and does not collect as much dust as traditional tiling which is a bonus when placed around a pool. You can place children’s play equipment or an inflatable pool on artificial grass without worrying about destroying your natural grass.

Artificial grass is especially a good alternative for areas like (roof)-terraces, garden & pool area, children’s playground, dog shelter, putting green, outside shower area, etc.

The quality of the products has improved significantly – not only regarding the types of artificial grass and the feeling – but also about guarantees on colour which can go up to 9 years and an expected lifetime of 15-20 trouble free years.

Garden Grass Canarias offers free of charge consultancy on your ideas about your garden. Specialities are artificial grass, wooden decking, pergolas, tiling, plants & irrigation systems, garden shacks made-to-order, general garden design. Have a look at our reference book with nice pictures that might give you “another good idea”.

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