The Field of Energy

In previous editions, we have treated several “established truths” and we have tried to show you that these truths are in fact our individual interpretations of the environment in which we live and think and that these interpretations can have a significant influence on ourselves and on the quality of our life.

In the article “Real Material World”, issue no. 10, we concluded that our real world as we see it only is what we make of it – through our interpretation of it with our conditioned brain. Our article “The Human Body” in the edition no.11, we explored our body and found out that it is bubbling and constantly renewing itself at an amazing pace. We learned that illnesses are due to energetic imbalances in our body and we gave some suggestions on how to correct these. We learned from issue no.12 how and why our mind and its conditioning is affecting our health and wellbeing. In no. 13 we explained that even your daily thoughts can have a substantial influence on your immune system and – hence – on your health.

In this article we come to the very synthesis of what might be “The Secret of Being”.

From our actual understanding, we accept the fact that “all there is” has no beginning, no end, no time limits and no space limits. Science postulates – indeed – that there has been a start in the form of a “Big Bang”, but what was there before? And that space might inflate at an increasing speed till matter is destroyed, but what comes after that? Religion offers many points of view in this regard.

Scientists want hypothesises to be proven and in the meantime they try to understand the very big and very small via exotic constructions and concepts. One of them is quantum physics. It not only IS stranger than we think, it actually is stranger than we – normal beings – CAN think! Our way of thinking is based on our experience in and sensations from our environment through our senses. And this experience and these sensations from our universe are incorrect. To be jammed in the claws of this mental conditioning is the worst fate for mankind.

The famous scientist Stephen Hawking is searching for deeper understanding of this “Being” in his bestseller “A Short History of Time” and concluded that there is no beginning, no end, no space limitation and no time limitation. The “Being” has no start, nor end. It is nowhere and everywhere. It expresses itself through our spirit, our body and our experiences, but cannot be discovered by our senses. One may expect it beyond our thoughts. However it is not part of the world of thoughts, but it is in the void between our thoughts, in the silence between our thoughts. Rumi, a very great mystic person from the Middle East has put it brilliantly as follows: “Beyond the concept of Good and Bad lays a Reality – we will meet there”. Rumi literally speaks about a “field” that lies beyond our thoughts. It is located in the space between our thoughts and some people are able to get there through meditation.

One day Dr. Deepak Chopra had a patient who died after touching a cable that still was connected to 12.000 Volts whilst he was installing an antenna on the roof. He died from “Ventricular Fibrillation”, the heart starts to fibrillate due to the obvious overcharge. The victim dropped dead from the roof and landed on his chest in exactly that angle, exactly that location on his body and with exactly that impact that was needed to de-fibrillate his heart. The heart started to pump again. It was like God called him and then suddenly He changed His mind. The entire incident only took a couple of seconds. His heart continued to pump whilst he was brought into the hospital. The victim said that “my spirit kept on going back to this void”. He calls this little incident, this small time interval “the void”. When he was asked to describe this void, he answered: ”it was a place of unlimited joy and pure happiness. I experienced this in complete consciousness and I even was conscious about my consciousness, meaning that I was aware about my entire being. Not as this or that, but just as a “being”. It was the ultimate experience of my immortality, the experience of eternity. I realised for once and for all that everything else just is a concept and that I got rid of that thing that we call fear.”

The most surprising was that the victim had a very bad wound on his leg in the area where the current left his body. In fact the leg was very badly damaged and burnt, the bone of his upper leg was open and muscles and arteries were ripped into pieces. The leg should have been amputated, but he refused and said that he could heal it by going back to this “void”. Just by switching his attention. He would focus his attention onto this void and glide into it. There he would again experience this unlimited joy and from there he would focus on his leg and heal it. After two years, his leg was completely healed! Why? Because he returned to the very place from where “nature creates everything". This particular place is the void between our thoughts. It is the indefinable spiritual place from where Nature creates galaxies, a tree or a new thought.

It is understandable that many of us would have trouble in understanding and accepting this kind of “reality”. But could it be that this reality is the very place, the very mental domain where mankind should evolve to? Would this be another warp of human consciousness towards a higher step on the evolutionary ladder? Similar to the warp from humanoids to Homo Sapiens? The warp that opens new levels and horizons of consciousness and that would allow us to come closer to the “Secret of Being”? Something like in the movie “A Space Odyssey – 2001” from Stanley Kubrick and represented by the sudden and dramatic experience with the monolith?

All inventions and discoveries have been made by people who acted or thought “outside of the box”. Even if some circumstances occurred accidentally, their interpretation of the elements always was “beyond or away from the beaten track”.

If you want to experience a similar evolution, then there is one very basic rule to follow in order to achieve this: open yourself to new ways of thinking … and especially feeling. Feelings for anything that surrounds you, whether it is “alive” or “just there”. Because one day, these things will be part of you or … you will become part of them…

Because everything is energy and thus connected to each other, whatever it does or does not or whatever it looks like.

Michel Robeers

Remark: Some elements in this article have been collected from a presentation of Dr. Deepak Chopra. Time Magazine has selected Dr. Chopra as one of the top 100 most impressive personalities of the 20th century.