ARTIS TIRMA – a new Center of encounter

IMG_3033The Centro Artis Tirma, next to the gas-station of Tarajalejo, at the foot of the impressive mountain Caracol, has big rooms for Workshops, Seminars and other events. It hosts a Meditation-Pyramid, a big Labyrinth and a Zen-Garden. For the inauguration of the Centro Artis Tirma, Wednesday, november 12, 17 h, the wellknown artist and geomant Marko Pogacnik and other artists have been invited to build a Geopunktur-Stonecircle for the Canary Islands, as it was used in magalith times. On Fuerteventura Pogacnik will hold a conference with the titel „Earth-Changes“ on november 10th, at 20 h, in the Centro Artis Tirma; the Workshop follows on november 11 and 12, starting from 9 o’clock in Tarajalejo and surroundings. Infos about the Geomancy-Journey and the conferences/workshops on Fuerteventra and Lanzarote:

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