The Super Juices, ultra-rich in anti-oxidants.

biotonablancoThe juices are made from fruits that have been discovered recently in South America, Himalaya or in South East of Asia: Goji, Açai, Mangoston, Gurubeni, Noni, etc. They are filled with anti-oxidants and you only need a small daily dose to boost your health potential, due to their high concentration. They represent a juvenile treatment, bring vitality, energy and resistance against diseases.

Goji berries: they originate from Tibet and contain 18 types of amino-acids and a lot of protein, besides a large quantity of Vit. A and C. Rich in polysaccharides that help against cancer and reduce the effects of biotonaacaibotellachemotherapy and radiation. They help to reduce the blood pressure, to regulate the cholesterol and the sugar level. They strengthen the immune system, liver and kidneys, and the nervous system.

Açai berries: they grow in the Amazon area and are very detoxifying. They not only deliver a high concentration of anti-oxidants and vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, A, C and E) but also amino-acids, omega 3, 6 and 9, fibres and proteins. They have anti-bacterial properties, they help the


maintenance of the joints, they purify and rejuvenate the skin and improve the quality of your sleep.

Mangostan: originates from South West Asia (Indonesia an

d Thailand). They assist in maintaining the immune system at a high level and in reducing the cholesterol level. It acts as a hypo-allergenic and sanitizer. It helps in solving skin and rheumatic problems. It stimulates the intestine flora and has antibiotic and anti-parasitic properties.

Yumberry: originates from China and is highly concentrated in Vit. B and C. Regulates the nervous system, the cholesterol level, blood pressure and reduces heart diseases. It improves the digestive action and improves the sight. Also has some antiviral and anti-carcinogenic properties.

Noni: grows in almost all tropical regions of the globe. Besides anti-oxidant properties it also has cell regeneration capabilities which are very useful in chemotherapy. It acts as an excellent cleansing component and regulates all body systems like the immunity, digestion, hepatic, nervous and circulatory one. Reduces depression and muscular pains. Improves vitality, and physical and emotional well-being. Can be used externally for burns, ulcers, herpes, bites, psoriasis, fungi, etc...


In order to benefit the most from these juices it is very important that they come from ecologic cultivation. In this way you avoid products being treated with pesticides or other synthetic products.


For more information: Montsé (Specialist Natural Food Components) in Pachamama Herbolario - Corralejo.