The Primula Oil. (Onagra)

It is called Primula oil and in spanish “Aceite de Onagra”. It contains a lot of Omega 6. The oil comes from pressed seeds from the Primula plant. The essential fatty acids in the oil stimulate our body to produce prostaglandins, which in turn are essential for the cell membranes of our body. The positive effects on our health are:

strengthening of our artery system, avoiding the formation of thrombosis, regulation of high blood pressure and reduction of cholesterol values.


very effective in the treatment of menstrual pains, accumulation of liquid, swelling of the breast, irritability, down feeling… and also the symptoms of menopause and as treatment of dandruff, skin irritation, skin dryness, dermatitis and psoriasis, strengthening of nails and hair

treatment of rheumatic arthritis and other inflammatory malfunctions and helps to prevent multiple sclerosis, strengthens the immune and nerve system and improves the digestion

Primula oil is presented in gelatine capsules for oral use and as bottled oil for external use. It is a strong regeneration product for the skin.

For more information: Herbolario Pachamama, Tel.: 928 537 604 (Montse, Naturapathologist).