Relaxing Advice

Are you nervous and can't you get to sleep?
Possible causes for insomnia are stress, daily preoccupations, anxiety, depression, going to bed at different times or very late. Exposure to electromagnetic fields, nearby radiations from mobiles, computers, TV and being frequently connected to them.

Avoid large meals in the evening and limit stimulating drinks like coffee, tea, sweets, soft drinks, alcohol, tobacco, etc. Sleeping on fluffy pillows.There are many natural remedies to find a solution:- deep-respiration techniques, meditation, yoga, listening to relaxing music, receiving a massage, taking a bath with relaxing oils and scents, a walk through nature, drinking an infusion of passion flower, valerian, hop, poppy, orange blossom, balm, linden flower, rose, etc and if you don't like infusions then you can get tablets or extracts of the same.

- you also can take Melatonin to have a restful night as it is a powerful regulator of the awake-sleep rhythm and it protects against stress and depression. It is a hormone that is produced by the Epiphysis and the Pineal gland. It is liberated by the body when dark or during the night. The level reduces by getting older.

- SHTP (Tryptophane) is a natural amino acid and an intermediate in the biosynthesis of the neurotransmitters Serotonin and Melatonin from Tryptophane. It also regulates the nervous system and is very useful against anxiety,

- Vitamin B Complex as a supplement will strengthen our nervous system,

- when applying aromatherapy you can use essential oils of lavender, orange, mandarin...

- Highly advisable are the Reiki and Bach flower techniques to get your body back into balance. The "Rescue Remedy" can assist you in the search for the adequate flowers.

For more info: Montse (Naturopathy with 15 years of experience) in Pachamama Herbolario