Raw Food & Super-Foods.

What is Raw Food?
Raw Food plays an important role for a vegan-based diet that is using uncooked foodstuff which still contains all its original nutrients and enzymes. Regular intake of raw food is compulsory to create and maintain health and should be part of our daily diet. Raw Food also represents an attitude to life, which is respectful to animals and nature in general.
What 's the catch?
You will improve your energy and vitality level, balance out your weight, increase your mental strength and awareness, avoid illnesses in a more natural way, rejuvenate as it is a natural anti-aging component, improve the appearance of your skin and hair and you will improve your overall well being.

The majority of the components are vegetables, seeds, dried fruits and aromatic herbs that have been dehydrated at no higher than 42ºC. The dried fruits and seeds are hydrated for a couple of hours before use to activate their properties. In this way many types of crackers are being manufactured with seeds, vegetables, even essene bread – an alternative to the conventional one, although without gluten and yeast.

What are super Foods?
Super Foods contain a high amount of fyto-nutrients: foodstuff that has therapeutic value. They not only do have a preventive action, but also protect the body from ageing and increases the immune system.
What's the catch?
Super Foods are a source of health, energy and longevity through its vitamins, minerals anti-oxidants, fatty acids, etc. One of the major benefits of Super Foods are the benefits of regenerating cells, cleaning up toxins and a potent alkalizing agent for the immune system. The majority of products are in powder or seeds form, or mixed to accommodate all ages and athletes.
Some of these are: wheat grass, barley grass, maca, chlorella, spirulina, chia, reishi mushroom, cocoa, rose hip, camu camu, moringa root sum, schisomdra, goji berry, açai berry, seeds and hemp protein, fo-ti, etc.

RECIPE: wheat grass juice.
Ingredients: 2 apples, 1 large carrot, 2 dessert spoons of lemon juice, 1 teaspoon fresh ginger or in powder form, 1 teaspoon of wheat grass.
Handling: crush in a blender or a mixer all ingredients, except the wheat grass that is added at the end and then mixed well.
A good way to start the day with energy!