How to avoid illnesses

Don’t allow your body to weaken, to get ill and to catch the “Flu”. Strengthen your defence system with 100% natural products that don’t show secondary effects. We recommend natural antibiotics like propoleo, grapefruit seed extract, colloidal silver…. You also can use medical plants like Equinacea, thyme, Uña de gato, Shiitake, Jalea Real, Vitamin C, etc. Mixtures of these are also available and they are stronger thanks to synergetic effects.

Fever is a natural system of your body to cope with and eliminate toxins. If we would listen more to our body and our emotions, we would see that when our body is building up toxins and our defence system is reduced, bacteria and viruses invade our body and lower our defence system even more, resulting in a battle that results in fever.
Don’t eat much when having fever, but drink sufficient water. If possible take bouillons of vegetables with algae and Miso that will offer vitamins and minerals. Try to eat healthy food (a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits) as it will boost your wellbeing and energy level.
Remember: better to prevent than to cure!
For more info, please call Montse, Naturapathologist of Herbolario Pachamama