Green Coffee with Ling Zhi.

A healthy and enjoyable way of reshaping your body.

Chlorogenic acid is reported to significantly help to regulate the body metabolism. Conventional coffee usually contains 3-6% of it, whereas Green Coffee does have 39%. Additionally to this the coffee contains the LingZhi mushroom which contains a lot of specific polysaccharides and ganoderic acids. In China and Japan this mushroom is called "immortality" and is traditionally used for the preservation of youthful vitality.

The harmony between those two main components in the Green Coffee will assist you during your diet to overcome the typical signs of dieting: hunger, fatigue, nervousness and aggressiveness.

Green Coffee with LingZhi mushroom allows you to have more vitality, increased energy and stamina, stabilised blood sugar levels, a healthy metabolism and a reduced appetite. This product has been declared by the German manufacture to be suitable for Diabetics. Just one cup a day is all you need to experience this effect!