Fasting with Maple Syrup

It is a good habit to regularly detox your body. You will get rid of toxins and fatty components that have accumulated due to years of incorrect nutrition and bad habits. Your immune system as well as your physical and mental activity will improve. Maple syrup can help you in this initiative.

Maple syrup comes from the North-American forests where the Indians knew long ago how to extract the juice from the trees and how to prepare the syrup. It contains a lot of minerals and oligo-elements (zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium …) so that it poses no health risk (when you take medicines, please consult your naturapathologist first).

The cure takes 7-9 days. You mix equal amounts of lemon juice and syrup; add a pinch of cayenne powder with water. You can add some cleansing or laxative infusion for the night.

Fasting doesn’t mean that you have to be “hungry”, but you allow your body to use up its reserves. It is not a treatment against a specific disease, but it can be a good therapy against some pathologies: allergy, asthma, skin and gynaecologic diseases, hypertension, cholesterol, arthritis, constipation, or to lose weight or liquids, to stop smoking, etc… it also is strongly recommended to sportsmen and people with a great physical activity.

During the fast the body gets rid of toxins, it renews itself and it regenerates. It is very important to eat light 2 or 3 days before you start to fast to avoid intestinal discomfort (vegetables, fruits, natural juices…). After the fast, it is advisable to take some fortifying products like honey or royal jelly and change towards healthier food and avoid bad habits. For more info, please contact: Montsé (naturapathologist) of Herbolario Pachamama (928 537 604).