Ecologic Food - Why use it?

Pachamama_010_-_cutThe products that are grown from conventional agriculture suffer modifications in their organic composition due to a multitude of synthetic chemicals like insecticides, herbicides, growth promoters, etc. All those synthetic chemicals are not harmless, even in low amounts, neither their effects on short or long term and neither the combinations of individual chemicals or their metabolites in our body. According to many specialists a majority of degenerative illnesses are due to inappropriate food intake. Ecologic Agriculture can help to minimise those risks and it has been scientifically confirmed that eating ecologic products will increase our health.

- Biologic foodstuffs that are the result of ecologic agriculture that have been grown without those agrochemicals and with respect for their natural biologic rhythm are free of pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics, synthetic additives and conservation products. There are no synthetic chemicals involved in their production, neither hormones, nor transgenic products or irradiation. Those products are rich in nutrients and taste. They are easily digested by the body and without modifying the body's metabolism. The biological vegetables are harvested when they are ripe and not before.

- integral cereals have to be biologic because the pesticides that have been used on non-biological ones will concentrate in their hull, making them even more harmful as the refined cereals.

- with biological livestock the animals will be allowed to run freely, they are treated with respect and live in decent sanitary conditions, their food is equilibrated and biologic. Treatments, when necessary, are based on Fitotherapy (medical plants), homeopathy, etc and also respecting the natural cycle of sleeping and being awake.

- consuming biological products will help to reduce the contamination of our environment, will help to reduce the energy consumption and will contribute to increase the independency of the biological farmer.

Pachamama_T2_2_-_cutAsking for biological products is showing responsible care that will lead to changes of attitude in businesses and administration so that products and methods will be developed that are more respectful to the environment and our health.

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