Cleansing your body for a better health.

Cleansing your body always is a good initiative, especially during spring. Keeping your digestive system in good condition will improve your wellbeing. Leftovers that accumulate in your digestive tract will favour growth of unwanted types of bacteria that can lead to discomfort and even to diseases like inflammation of liver, constipation, tiredness, overweight, cholesterol, hypertension, headaches, etc... including cancer! The dieting process starts at the colon!

What can you do? How can you start?
First of all is to improve your daily intake of food by choosing the most healthy food you can afford. Take food that is rich in fibres, avoid refined flour and saturated fats (meat, sausages, etc) and exercise regularly. If this would be too difficult for you then try natural cleansing and not those strong laxatives that not only don't work on the long term, but also cause problems as they will irritate your intestines and will kill your natural intestinal flora. It is advisable to complement your cleansing treatment with Bifidus bacteria and not to use lactose as it has no add value. For cleansing without damaging your intestines you can take Linseed, Zaragatoma or Chia, Maracuja shell fibres, chewable dried fruit or fibres, and medicinal plants.
There are also more complete cleansing programs like those of Hulda Clark that take one or more months to follow. You can fast and complement this weekly with a laxative at home, using 2 litres of infusion with thyme or chamomile, or you can visit a specialized centre for undergoing a colon hydrotherapy. The result will surprise you!
After cleansing your intestines don't forget to de-worm them and cleanse other body systems regularly like your kidneys that are your body filters and your liver in order to keep up your energy level.
For more information, please contact Montse, certified naturopathy specialist for cleansing protocols according to MD Hulda Clark from the Institute of Madrid. Visit Pachamama and we will advise you on the best cleansing treatment for you. Your health deserves it - take care of it and you will have a healthier and happier life!
For more info: Montse (Naturopathy with 15 years of experience) in Pachamama Herbolario