Beauty: Eye Lash Extensions - Fuerteventura.

Eyelash Extensions & Thickening.

The extensions are of synthetic fibre and are semi-permanent. Their size and shape are adjusted in such a way that they appear being natural. They are applied one-by-one to achieve a natural and elegant look. Regular maintenance will result in a permanent effect.

Lash maintenance.

Natural lashes have an individual life cycle. They grow, they fall out and will be replaced. The natural lashes fall out together with the extensions. To keep the permanent effect of the lash extensions, a regular maintenance after 3-4 weeks is needed.



Advantages of Eyelash Extensions and Thickening.

Eyes will become more expressive and will give impressive looks on pictures and parties. No need anymore to apply mascara in the morning or to remove it in the evening. And the most important is that they stay beautiful all day and night, 7 on 7! It is the solution for women who have to remove mascara themselves regularly like women-at-work or those who regularly do sports.