Fuerteventura: Honey.

Honey, the treasure of bees.

Do you know the benefits of bee honey? It supplies energy, soothes throat irritation, it quiets the cough and reduces fever. It will help to overcome infections thanks to its antiseptic properties and it will help you to cure gastric ulcers. It increases the intestinal flora and thus improves a healthy digestion and the immune system. It cures wounds and burns, speeds up the healing of the skin and it is an optimal conservation product.

Depending on the nectar that has been collected by the bees there are different varieties of honey, each with their own properties.
Thousand Flowers: supplies energy and physical power, prevents cough and colds, and infections on intestines and the urinary tract.
Acacia: anti-inflammation and the most popular with kids
Orange Blossom: relaxing agent for nervous, stressed and anxious people.
Heather: helpful for cystitis and prostatitis, reduces the excess of uric acids.
Eucalyptus: antiseptic agent for the respiratory tract.
Lavender: antispasmodic, recommended against irritability, headaches, insomnia.
Lemon: vitamins, blood & artery cleaner, useful for stomach and intestine problems.
Rosemary: beneficial to the liver, also combats fatigue and exhaustion.
Thyme: tonic and antiseptic, recommended in case of bronchitis and colds.

Choose your kind of honey, but make sure it is of good quality – the best is BIO, of course!

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