Rules and situation about Corona virus / COVID-19 en Fuerteventura (last week).

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Fuerteventura and the COVID-19 / Corona Pandemic – Status & Updated situation (last week review)

Week 41:
Fuerteventura has 33 confirmed case(s) of Covid-19 which is/are in quarantine.
We had 17 mortalities. These are official numbers from the local government/cabildo Fuerteventura.

Fuerteventura is safe to visit. We are awaiting you to visit our island!


Please find below what to do during the COVID-19 situation on Fuerteventura:

- the following guidelines are active for at least till 31/12/2021
- follow the general guidelines for hygienic measures, already communicated by the WHO
- wear a mask when entering a public place and follow the local rules

Please respect these rules and stay well!