Fuerteventura South - Nature

Chilling out on Fuerteventura’s beaches is a marvellous experience, but if you may feel the need to visit some nice spots in nature, then the suggestions below can help you in making a selection.

Pozo Negro – Malpais Grande: very rough area that you can walk through and that will give you an impression about how Earth looked like, millions of years ago.
Las Playitas – Cuchillo de Vigan: a walk in a gorge that leads you to the sea.
El Cardón – Montaña de Cardón: walk to a vent volcano with impressive views.
La Pared – Beach: one of the best spots in the South to enjoy sunset.
El Salmo – Morro La Burra: breathtaking views over the West coast of Fuerteventura. I guarantee you that this view will stay with you for ever! No more words… just go!
Cofete – Beach: miles of untouched white sandy beach. The place to disconnect.