Fuerteventura South - Beaches

Fuerteventura South - Beaches

Fuerteventura is famous for its beaches and as mentioned before in all there are approx 152. Apart from those that are directly accessible by foot from your hotel you will find that most are deserted from people and devoid of the usual rows of deckchairs and umbrellas. On these beaches you have the pleasure of choosing your own secluded spot and that it will remain yours for as long as you are there.

No crowds, no noise, no beach hawkers, just you! Be adventurous, hire a car or bike and find the many deserted beaches on Fuerteventura. However for the less adventurous we give you a guide to the some of the more accessible spots to spend a relaxing day in the sun. And very importantly please, please take your rubbish home with you. Thank you. Also remember if you go off the beaten track please take sun umbrellas, sun protection and lots of water!


Playa de Gran Tarajal – Gran Tarajal

Playa de Tarajalejo – Tarajalejo

Playa Costa Calma – Costa Calma

Playa de Sotavento – Costa Calma

Playa Barca – Jandía

Playa Butihondo – Butihondo

Playa Esquinzo – Esquinzo

Playa de Jandía – Jandía

Playa Callao – Morro Jable

Playa de Cofete – Cofete

Playa de la Pared – La Pared

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