Fuerteventura North - Towns & Villages of Interest

Corralejo – town.

Corralejo is one of the busiest tourist areas on the island, during the day and during the night. You may split Corralejo into 3 main areas: the north with its old town centre, the middle that has been built over the last 20 years and the south that has been developed recently. Places to visit are: the main street with a lot of shops, the Hoplaco Complex, the old town with its numerous bars and restaurants, the harbour area and a bit further the seaside promenade with very nice views to Lanzarote and Lobos.







El Cotillo – village.
The most interesting parts of the village are the area of the old harbour with good restaurants and tranquillity and the area of the new harbour with great views to the sandy beaches in the south. Both places offer superb views at sunset! Unforgettable!











Lajares – village.
Lajares is a quiet village that hosts a lot of surf board manufacturers, as it is located central to very popular surfing areas: Corralejo, North Shore and Cotillo. In the centre of the village there is a lace manufacture and shop.


Lajares – volcano walk.

To the north of Lajares – on the road to Majanicho – you will see a parking spot with a walking track to the volcano Morro de Bayuyo. Walking or sport shoes and a minimum of 1,5 litre of water per person are recommended. Also we suggest starting the walk in the morning as soon as possible. You will then avoid the heat upon returning and you may witness an unforgettable sunrise! Duration of walk: 3 hours.














La Oliva – village.

La Oliva is the administrative centre of the North of the island. It is a quiet village with a nice church and the famous “Casa de Coroneles” that has been restored recently. There is also a museum about the agriculture of the island (please see the museum pages).