Fuerteventura Centre - Towns and Villages of Interest

puertodelrosario (9)Puerto del Rosario – town.
Puerto del Rosario (PdR) is the capital of Fuerteventura since 1860. The town has a couple of interesting main streets that can be walked easily. In these streets you will find all kinds of shops, bars and restaurants. For those who do not want to stroll around in the sun and enjoy terraces, you can visit the huge air conditioned shopping centre “Las Rotondas”. PdR also has a very active night life and most night clubs are grouped in 2-3 clusters.





Caleta de Fuste – town.
Caleta de Fuste (CdF) or Castillo has been developed especially for tourism, so there is no “old centre”, but CdF has done well to compensate for that: a nice and very safe beach, excellent water sport facilities, a beautiful harbour, new buildings spread all over with an enjoyable touch of greenery and several commercial centres where life is buzzing.

Caleta de Fuste – beach.
The beach is ideal for kids as there are only tiny waves – if any. If you are visiting the island by car with kids and you want to make a refreshing stop, then this is the place.

AntiguaAntigua – town.
Antigua was built in the 18th century and is one of the oldest towns on the island. There are two main attractions: the church, dedicated to “Virgen de la Antigua” and the art centre (see museum pages).

Betancuria – town.
Betancuria was the capital of the island till 1834. It was founded in 1405 by Jean de Béthencourt. In 1593 it was attacked by the pirate Jaban who reduced the village to rubble. The church was rebuilt in 1691. Can you imagine that once this was a fertile area with plenty of water streaming through the village? Now, all has dried up and the inhabitants of Betancuria survive almost entirely from tourism. The restaurant “Casa Santa Maria” and the two adjacent craft shops are examples of the traditional architecture. You can watch here the local artists at work. The cathedral has become a museum (please see museum pages). To the north of the town is the monastery which was abandoned upon orders of Queen Isabella II of Spain. The roof of the monastery was sold to obtain food, grain and water because of droughts. The outside of the church of San Buenaventura has been restored.

Betancuria – Mirador Morro Velosa.
About 5 km to the north of Betancuria. Splendid views on the incredible landscape of North of the island. A “must see”. (see museum pages).

Betancuria – the road to…
Apart from the nice spots in Betancuria, the road to the old capital is worth mentioning. No matter if you come from the south or from the north, both sides are worth the effort. The north part includes the “Mirador Morro Velosa” and the southern part includes Vega de Rio Palmas and a mountain road with stunning views. Please do stop at one of the parking lots, marked with a white gate and look over the edge. You might see the light grey-brown squirrels that will come to you – if you have the patience and something to offer.

Vega de Rio Palmas – village.
The valley and the village of the same name are one of the most beautiful areas of the island. The impressive church “Nuestra Señora de la Peña”, which was built in 1666 is surrounded by greenery. Once a stream was flowing through the village, but since the 16th century it has dried up and only during the winter months it will fill the reservoir. Just behind the dam is the tiny chapel “Ermita de Virgen de la Peña”. Vega de Rio Palmas makes an ideal stop off point when you travel around the island.

AjuyAjuy – village.
Ajuy is situated on the West coast of Fuerteventura. The sea is a lot more brutal here as the waves come in directly from the Atlantic. To the north of the beach there is a path that you can walk towards the famous caves. On that path there a place that has been made secure to look over the cliff. Have a look and see and feel the power of the sea. Impressive! There is also a small exhibition centre, overlooking the beach.

Ajuy – beach.
The beach is of black sand but it will not stick to you. At times, when there has been a storm on the Atlantic, the waves will be impressive! Do not go out for swimming