Fuerteventura Centre - Nature

Chilling out on Fuerteventura’s beaches is a marvellous experience, but if you may feel the need to visit some nice spots in nature, then the suggestions below can help you in making a selection.

Road Antigua-Betancuria-Pájara – Mirador “Morro Velosa”: the road to Betancuria is a typical “serpentine” road through the mountains. Superb views over the North of the island. Stop at the parking lots and watch the squirrels come to you for food.

Betancuria – Fuerteventura Forest: drive up the dirt track, about 1 km at your left after the village and enjoy the sound of the wind blowing through the trees. It is a particular noise, truly seldom on this island. There also is a BBQ area with free-to-use grills.

Vega de Rio Palmas – Gorge of Vega de Rio Palmas: walking through the gorge makes you feel tiny amongst the massive blocks of rock. Some of them are beautifully carved out by the water that ran here for ages. Please visit the tiny chapel.
Barranco “Los Molinos”: stop at the parking lot, just after Las Parcelas, and walk into the gorge North for 500m, then West. During winter there is natural sweet water and wildlife is abundant.
Ajuy – Caves: ancient port and storage area. The walk to and the caves themselves is impressive. Here, you really sense the power of the sea.
Ajuy – Rocky Gate: a rare and impressive geographic monument that you can reach through a 3 mile walk from the caves or through a 4x4 drive.
Tiscamanita – Caldera de Gairia: a nice walk around a recent volcano.