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World Cup 2012 Fuerteventura - Windsurfing & Kiteboarding.

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DSC_0179World Cup 2012 Fuerteventura - Windsurfing & Kiteboarding: Picture Report. (by Charly Lang).

Kings of Air visit Fuerteventura.

First of all: go and enjoy on the 3&4/08 the World Cup Events in the South! You will be served a spectacular Air Style Show from the worlds best Kiteboarders! Competition starts in the afternoon. Premium is 5.000,-€ for the winner.

Bring with you your best photo equipment or even you smartphone to capture breathtaking pictures. You even can pose with these athletes to make your friends back home jealous!
Another smashing events is the Kite Freestyle Competition as from July 31. Start at 13.00h. Prizepot is 40.000,-€.
A must-see for tourists and residents!

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Groupies, Beach Girls and music are contributing to the overall chilled-out atmosphere. Spain has the best Surfing Contest Competitions since 27 years - after also having the best football team.
Have a look for yourself...
Free entry on the beach - Some entry to be paid in the party tent.

Till 05/08 every night PARTY TIME with live bands - DJ and a pitch black night!!!

Greetings,      (all pictures by Charly)

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