Group Energy Sessions

Group Energy Sessions

MANOSOur regular readers already have noticed that our magazine Spirit of Fuerteventura also is focused on subjects that treat people in their entire being. Spirit has covered in the past – and still will cover in the future – the spiritual aspects of mankind and of life in general. Working together on these themes increases the pleasure. Group Energy sessions facilitate the reach out to ones own spirituality and intensifies the feedback on ones own experiences.


Spirit of Fuerteventura would like to act as a platform for all spiritual groups that organise meetings to experience energy sessions. You can publicise your organisation and its activities in this new section. Just mail your details (Name, when, where, contact, cost, etc) at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When/ Cuando/Wann: Wed/Mie/Mit 21.00h

Where/Donde/Wo: Villaverde, C/ El Cerco s/n

Contact: Dagmar Heins, Tel.: 606 965 409

Info: en español. Técnicas de meditación, sesiones de energía, curación por medio del sonido, etc. Gratis. Detalles como almohadas, mantas, etc son bienvenidos.


When/ Cuando/Wann: Sun/Dom/Son 20.00h

Where/Donde/Wo: Villaverde, C/ El Cerco, s/n

Contact: Dagmar Heins, Tel.: 606 965 409

Info: es wird deutsch gesprochen, Meditationstechniken, Energiearbeit, Soundhealing, etc. Gratis.

Spenden möglich, auch in Form von Decken, Kissen, etc.


When/ Cuando/Wann: Fri, 17.00h

Where/Donde/Wo: Cotillo, Casa La Caleta en el Puerto Viejo

Contact: Conny, Tel.: 666 357 976

Info: English & German spoken, es wird deutsch und englisch gesprochen, Deeksha Oneness Blessing. Gratis


When: Wed, 20.30h – 22.00h

Where: Parque Holandés, CC Parque Holandés

Contact: Nisarga, 626 409 037; asociación EVO

Info: Entrance fee: 5 euros. English & Spanish spoken. Bring blanket and pillow. Dynamic meditation techniques.

In order to achieve an internal tranquillity which is necessary to meditate, we have to start with our body. The dynamic meditation techniques allow us to reach this level. Entrada: 5€. En español e ingles. Técnicas de meditación dinámicas Trae tu manta y almohada. Para lograr una quietud interior imprescindible por una experiencia de meditacion necesitamos empezar de nuestro cuerpo. Estas tecnicas de meditacion dinamica nos ayudan en acercarnos a este estado.



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