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Todas religiones y búsquedas espirituales siguen queriendo darnos explicaciones sobre el misterio entre la Vida y lo que hay después. Pero de hecho queda un vacio en algunos de nosotros que no tiene bastante fe para quedarse quieto con esto. ¿Qué te hace pensar que no has vivido antes? El enfoque científico actual afirma que la Vida sigue replicándose con el mismo patrón desde hace millones de años así que ¿Piensas acaso que eres simplemente un miserable montón de materia que evolucionó a partir de una célula? ¿De verdad? Y si tu búsqueda empezara ahora ¿Quién eres tú? ¿Porqué estás aquí? ¿Cuál es tu propósito y tu destino? Puede ser que lo que mira tan fijamente desde lo más profundo de tus ojos haya vivido otras experiencias antes que tú…..más aclaraciones en la EVO


In order to be able to generate the complex molecules to create life, some basic conditions had to be fulfilled like no presence of pure oxygen (due to its flammability no flames can sustain and no organism can breed below 15% oxygen content and will suffocate whereas everything will burn by auto-combustion above 25%) and no obstacles to absorb the radiations coming from space.


Due to the high chemical reactivity of oxygen we had to wait for a chain of different chemical reactions before the elegant double helix of the DNA from our definitive ancestors was formed and could replicate itself with exactitude. From then on, some 3.500 million years ago, the first bacteria were born and the chain of life started. In this “initial chemical soup” these bacteria evolved through DNA transmission, using protection and adaptation mechanisms. In this primitive system photosynthesis and fermentation created balanced processes. The oxygen level stabilised at 21% allowing all plants and animals to breed, in essence a controlled combustion that decomposes organic molecules and gives carbon dioxide, water and a vast amount of energy… and furthermore an ozone layer was formed in the upper part of the atmosphere that protected life from the aggressive Ultraviolet rays coming from the sun.


In this scenario the DNA has the capability to replicate itself with high reliability and with an extraordinary speed. Till today we have the same pattern, all forms of life continue to renew themselves using this initial concept since millions of years.

We can consider mankind to be the summit of this process.

The child is attracted by food through the breast of the mother. The adolescent is very sensitive to sexuality. The adults are attracted by money and material possessions. However, when man discovers that all this is not sufficient to be happy, he starts his search for spirituality. What is this Spiritual Path? It is to know yourself.

The evolution of mankind is a major problem. Today intelligence has developed much, but what has happened with wisdom? What is Evolution? No one evolves by increasing intelligence, nor knowledge. We have to make a new effort. A new style of effort. The meditation techniques are therefore important. If we make from these specialities a habit, we might shed light on our quest for the unknown and we would be conscious about our position towards life on a higher EVO-lutionary level.

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