Conditions of use

Conditions of use

Conditions of use

Spirit of Fuerteventura – Forum – General Conditions of Use.

Version: 07/05/2010.

In the following are described the general conditions of use for the Web Site and the Forum therein. This Web Site can also be visited through The following conditions of use also apply when both web sites are visited from outside the Spanish territory, independent from the nationality of the visitor. Both web sites will be named hereafter as the “Web Site”

1.Content of Online-Offer.

Spirit of Fuerteventura provides a platform for gathering information as for writing opinions and comments on any subject, but particularly on topics and items about the island of Fuerteventura, culture and leisure, home and property, beauty and wellness, people and history, nature and science, body and soul, and life philosophy and experience.

The Web Site contains texts, pictures and movies. All visitors can read and consult this information for free and can use this information for further processing under the condition of mentioning the source i.e. “© Spirit of Fuerteventura”.

There may be a need for prior registration by the User to acquire some services that are provided by the Web Site.

2.Duties and Obligations by the User.

The platform provided by the Web Site can only be used in a legal form and in agreement with the following General Conditions of Use. The use of the Web Site implies an explicit agreement with these conditions.

3.General Conditions.

The User assures that when supplying information about persons – him/herself or others – that this information is correct and exempt of ambiguity. The User also agrees not to register under a false identity or under more than one pseudonym.

The User is obliged not to post any words or text on the Web Site that are/is:

intentionally or abusively untrue,

threatening, insulting, defaming, upsetting and/or pornographic,

racist, up roaring and/or illegal in any sense,

infringing enforced laws, especially protective laws i.e. copyright laws and trademark laws,

including contents that are referring to links or to other data which may influence the functioning of data processing equipment

Spirit of Fuerteventura claims the right to modify and/or eliminate any contribution from any User that conflicts with the conditions above and below and this without prior notification and explanation to its originator. Illegal contributions will be removed immediately after discovery.

The User guarantees that his/her contributions are his/her intellectual property and free from any copyright to third parties. The User also gives the owner of the Web Site all rights, unlimited in time, application and area, to use his/her contributions in any form and for any purpose. The user also allows the Web Site to reorganise and or process his/her contributions into different locations and to different formats than the original for better understanding, classification and management. The User also agrees that the web can edit and/or clear his/her contributions under the application of the copyright.

The User/Editor is the sole responsible for his/her contributions in the Web Site and explicitly voids any responsibility and claims to the owners of the Web Site from third parties.

Any attempt to impair or to influence the correct functioning of the Web Site is forbidden. Especially the attempt to avoid the functioning of the Web Site security measures like, but limited to computers, servers, routers and other equipment or components that are linked – directly or indirectly – to any network, internal or external.

4. Special Conditions for generating contributions.

The User is obliged to:

verify any contribution prior to submitting to the Web Site,

only use positive or negative contributions where the main purpose of it is to improve and widen the communication on the Web Site and this within the spirit of freedom of speech

not to use camouflaged contributions to promote products, services and/or businesses,

only submit contributions in good faith and with respect to others,

not to refer to other persons by using their names,

not to collect, use and/or publish in any kind personal data and information from or about other Users on the Web Site

4b. Disclaimer.

The Web Site is not responsible for the content of the contributions made by the Users. The owners of the Web Site are not responsible for the completeness, actuality, correctness or any other criteria for quality of the supplied information on the Web Site. The Web Site has the right to modify, complete and/or erase any information on the Web Site and this without prior notification. The Web Site cannot be held responsible for any discontinuity in the supply of information, nor for the eventual consequences of this discontinuity. The Web Site has the right to block, to modify, to complete, to erase temporarily and/or permanently parts of/or complete units of information, pages and even the Web Site without prior notification and without being responsible for any claims and/or damages that may result from these actions. The Web Site has no responsibility in keeping and/or saving data bases and/or information about any contributions from any contributor. The contributor has the duty to keep copies from his/her own contributions on the Web Site.

The Web Site cannot be held responsible for any damaging content that may be included in the information and/or in the contributions on the Web Site, i.e. viruses or any digital codifications that may be influencing the functioning of equipment and its content – hardware or software and data – from the User.

The use of the Web Site is explicitly on the risk of the User and the owners of the Web Site cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur by the use of the Web Site. It is the responsibility of the User to protect his/her equipment and data in an effective way to avoid any damage that may occur by visiting the Web Site.

The User is under the obligation to freehold the owners of the Web Site from any claims, including any occurring legal costs to protect the owners from legal prosecution that might come from third parties due to the infringement of the Conditions of Use by the User. The User is also obliged to support the owners of the Web Site by supplying any document or information that may be needed to defend the owners of the Web Site. The User is obliged to compensate for any claim and/or damage that may occur or has occurred to the owners of the Web Site due to legal prosecution.

4c. Trademark and Copyright.

All information that is displayed on the web is protected by law. This information includes, but is not limited to: software, products, trademarks like logos, etc, information, reports, pictures, movies, illustrations, drawings, etc. All kind of multiplication, distribution, commercialising, and modification of the official display are forbidden without prior and written agreement of the owners of the Web Site.

Agreements for using protected items can be requested via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In case of discovered infringement against the trademark and copyright laws on the Web Site, please contact us immediately via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

4d. Data Protection.

Information that is supplied by the User is protected under the national and international laws about data protection. Using the services of the web by any User implies his/her explicit agreement to these laws.

4e. Modifications of Conditions of Use.

The owners of the Web Site have the right to modify and/or elaborate the Conditions of Use and this without prior notice. The latest version of the Conditions of Use is on display on the Web Site. Continued use of the Web Site by the User implies his/her agreement to the most recent version of the Conditions of Use.

4f. Application of Law and Court.

The Spanish law applies, except where more stringent laws apply like international consumer protection laws. The court is located in Puerto del Rosario, Fuerteventura.

If any part of this document is or became not valid anymore in a legal manner, than the remaining parts still are to be regarded as valid and the void part is to be regarded to be replaced by the prevailing legal conditions that reflect at best the economic and legal conditions.





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