Deep Sea Fishing in Fuerteventura is an unforgettable experience. You go out for almost an entire day on a fishing vessel and return in the late afternoon with your catch. Find here where to book.

Fuerteventura Big Game & Deep Sea Fishing: GONE FISHING - Caleta de Fuste (Castillo) - Fuerteventura.


Gone Fishing Fuerteventura - the place-to-be for all your fishing needs in Fuerteventura. Deep Sea Fishing & Big Game Fishing Excursions in Fuerteventura.

Whilst you are here on Fuerteventura why not enjoying local activities and leisure? Whether you want to go out Deep Sea Fishing and Big Game Fishing on the ALBAKORA CAT fishing boat or to get your catch from the shore. Aram the owner of Gone Fishing, will guide you through all the interesting possibilities. Aram himself is a dedicated fisher from the shores of the Castillo area and the pictures on display here below make proof of his expertise. Ask him for any assistance in your hobby and make your holiday even more exciting! The Albakora boat is manned by an old family of local fishermen who are happy to pass on their passion and knowledge about deep sea fishing in Fuerteventura. The experience of being out there in complete tranquillity and facing the challenge with your catch is an unforgettable moment. Try it out! Deep Sea Fishing in Fuerteventura is great fun!







Fuerteventura Big Game & Deep Sea Fishing - Boat Charter - Albakora Cat - Castillo - Fuerteventura.

albakoracat_001logowebThe Albakora Cat boat is in the harbour of Castillo - Caleta de Fuste, Fuerteventura - and can be chartered for big game sport fishing through the fishing equipment shop "Gone Fishing Fuerteventura", also in Castillo. A max of 6 guests leave harbour in the morning and return at about 2pm. A truly nice big game fishing experience in Fuerteventura!

Fuerteventura Big Game & Deep Sea Fishing - Blue Nose Boat - Jandia - Fuerteventura.

bluenose_001logowebThe Big Game and Deep Sea Sport Fishing experience in Fuerteventura on the Blue Nose boat is unforgettable. You start from the harbour in Morro Jable, Fuerteventura for a couple of hours of absolute big game fishing fun. Groups are made based on language to give you maximum comfort. Enjoy your big game fishing trip in Fuerteventura!