Goji berries available on Fuerteventura

Goji berries are dried fruits, similar to raisins, but with an intense red colour. They grow on bushes in the Himalaya valleys, in Tibet. They are famous in the Orient for their nutritive value and they have been used for a long time in the traditional Chinese medicine.

They contain 18 kinds of amino acids and contain all 8 essential amino acids as well as up to 21 trace minerals. They are the richest source of carotenoids of all known foods or plants on earth. They contain more than 500 times the amount of vitamin C, by weight, than oranges! Goji berries also contain vitamins B1, B2, B6 and E. They contain polysaccharides which fortify the immune system and one of them has been found to be a powerful secretagogue (a substance that stimulates the secretion of rejuvenative human growth hormone by the pituitary gland). They also are filled with antioxidants. The berries taste between a raisin and a cranberry.

Goji41There is an unconfirmed but although well documented story about a certain Li Qing Yuen, who was a herbalist and spent much of his time in the mountain ranges. He lived mainly on steamed above-ground vegetables, herbs and a daily portion of Goji berries and Panax Ginseng. Reportedly he lived for 252 years (1678 – 1930). In 1927 General Yang Sen invited Li to his residence where a picture was taken.

The Goji berry’s introduction to the Western World is still fairly recent and the following are some of the reasons why the berry is so popular in China/Tibet and why its introduction to the Western world is so successful:

Improves the immune system and provides a strong rejuvenating effect on the human body and mind due to the high amount of antioxidants and other components, is thought to be offering great value in the prevention and healing of cancer, the restoring and repair of damaged DNA, treatment of infections and arthritis

Increases the energy and strength of the body, especially when it is fighting against illness

Strengthens the cardiovascular system and keeps the blood pressure within healthy range, reduces the cholesterol level and avoids their deposit

Helps to lose weight and avoids the feeling to eat in-between meals

Facilitates the sleep and improves the quality of sleep

Helps during pregnancy and menopause


You can take them as such, 2 spoons per day is sufficient (30-40 berries). Higher consumption will not lead to problems and any person can take them: kids, elderly, healing, pregnant women...

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