The Volcano “Montaña Arena” – Villaverde/La Oliva

3The volcano “Montaña Arena” is shared between Villaverde and La Oliva. It is the last volcano that erupted, some 4,000 years ago. Thank God, it is protected as “Natural Area”.
The walk starts at the Villa Volcana via an old farm road, along fields that are surrounded by dry-stone walls and allows us to enjoy beautiful views over the northern volcano chain, the pirate island of Lobos, Lanzarote, and the dunes of Corralejo. From here you have a perfect view how the lava has flowed around the fossil dunes up to Lajares. Everything in the surrounding area has a greenish shine as local vegetation already has started to invade the area. One of the new seismographic measuring points is located in one of the caves here. We continue on the old hunter trail, cross a lava flow of one of the 3 craters and enjoy the west views to the Mountain of Witches and the south views to La Oliva. To the east is the small volcano “El Salto” that looks like a cone and the majestic volcano “Escanfraga”, creator of the famous lava tube which can be visited, together with the spider museum.
Info: medium heavy; ca. 4,5h; min. age = 10.