HIKING: Sacred Mountain TINDAYA - Fuerteventura.

Tindaya-1The magnificent pyramid-shaped mountain Tindaya is truly inviting, but first we have to get permission from the local authorities to climb it. The guide will collect us at the base from the "Mountain of Witches" as it is called in the local folklore. On our ascent we will pass immense stone plates, coloured in all shades of pastel and with marmor-like designs that are admired by photographers.


At each increase in altitude we will be exposed to another perspective: the Northern chain of volcanoes with views on Lanzarote, the Unamuno-Statue, the Betancuria mountain massive and below us the villages of La Oliva and Tindaya. When we arrive on the summit at last we can admire the stone carvings by the ancient inhabitants who sacrificed and prayed here, a long, long time ago.

Of course we will explain to you the story about Eduardo Chillida (Sculptor) whose idea was to excavate a part of the mountain. During our picnic at 400m altitude we will be able to absorb the secret atmosphere around us.

Info: Duration: 4h - Difficulty level: medium (no fever of height) - Min age: 10