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Spirit of Fuerteventura Info: Fuerteventura Wave Classic Competition 2011 has started on a slow pace, but as days passed by, the waves and the wind became promising. Please enjoy the pictures below; the slide show is from 2011,the fixed ones are from 2010), made by Carl LANG (Ocean Gallery Fuerteventura - Tel.: 690 904 761).{oziogallery 100548}{slide=Pictures 2010}


The 5-6m waves are rolling in...fwcclangcut2


fwcclang1 Walls of water...

{/slide}After 2 successful years, the FWC have decided to adapt the concept of the event with the idea of further pushing the action! The riders will still judge themselves but will have fight to win the FWC 2011 individual tittle this time. To ensure sportsmanship and fairness we will have an independent head judge to oversee the event. We hope to be able to offer you more radical images like this, and, at the end of the event we will have a male and female FWC 2011 champion. (Info FWC)